VZ230 Tactical Flashlight by Vizeri
The industrial-grade Vizeri VZ230 LED flashlight has a specially-designed LED guaranteed to blaze with more white light than six standard flashlights combined. It's hard to believe something this small and convenient could pack such a powerful punch - and all that from only a few AAA batteries or one rechargeable!
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Battery Types
Streamlight 88008 NighFighter X
Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical 2L
Fenix PD22
Foursevens QP2L-AA
SureFire EB1 Backup
Pelican M6 2330
Vizeri VZ230 Compact Tactical
This is a solid well built light!!!! I've had it for about a month and use it just about every day. It's rugged enough to use on construction sites and take the abuse. I like the focusable beam that's always helpful whether I'm working in a dark ceiling or looking into tight places."
To be honest, I was not too sure of the light being a streamlight fan. The light is simply amazing. Brighter then my $189.00 streamlight. I highly highly recommend this light. Thanks for a well made steller light guys.
I love this flashlight. It definitely exceeded my expectations. The ability to use rechargeable or standard AAA batteries is so convenient and versatile.
First off let me say that I really like this flashlight. It's compact, throws out a powerful and even beam, and it's built like a tank! I am extremely impressed by customer service at Vizeri. They stand behind their product and that's refreshing nowadays. Great product and a great company. Well done, Vizeri!
This light is lightweight, versatile, extremely bright and the focusing adjustment is unbelievable! …I believe this light is a fantastic buy...I would Recommend this light to others.
I have many other flash lights such as the Fenix E11 (single AA), Fenix E05 (single AAA). I also flash lights that use three AAA battery but none compares with this flash light.
When I was on a camping trip last week with the guys, my friend asked me if it was a surefire flashlight. I told him what is was, and the cost of it. He wishes that he would of known about this flashlight before he bought his surefire. A+ light and seller!
I am both satisfied and impressed by the features and quality of this light! Nowhere can you find a value like this. I plan on enjoying this light for a long time and recommend it to all my friends (not that I have to, they approach me wanting to know about it)
This little light is bullet-proof rugged and VERY bright. It's hard to believe such quality and performance come wrapped in a package so compact. It's rare to find a product with the quality of this one. You will not go wrong with this little gem!
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